PostHeaderIcon What are the eligibility requirements?

The Bloomington Normal Golf Association runs tournaments for those golfers who live, work or contribute to Bloomington Normal golf. Based on this the BNGA eligibility requirements are:

  • Males only*
  • Age 13 or older*
  • Amateur golfer (USGA)*

must meet at least one of the following:

  • Live in McLean county
  • Work in McLean county
  • Belong to a BNGA Course
  • Retire from a Bloomington Normal business with 20 yrs. of service and age 55 or older.

* Exceptions: Inter-club (Gender, 1 Pro on team), City Junior (Gender, age), Parent/Grandparent - Child tournaments (Pros allowed, Gender, age)

Additional clarification:

Work: Full time employment (31 hrs/week) for a B/N firm and work in town. (Example: A State Farm employee who works in Georgia is not eligible just because the Home office is in B/N.)

Live:  Live in town full time.  College students are not eligible from school attendance unless they have lived in B/N for full 12 consecutive months. 

Belong to a B/N Club: Country clubs: be a member. Courses: have a season pass or card. Must spend $250 or more for the calendar year or $500 over the past two years (50 play card good for year purchased and following year, given rounds are remaining in year 2.)