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Prairie Vista / Highland Woman's League
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The BNWGA is an interclub association that is composed of the following women's clubs of Crestwicke CC, Bloomington CC, Weibring at ISU, Ironwood, Lakeside CC, El Paso CC, and Highland/Prairie Vista (that's us).  The BNWGA sponsors five yearly events, three of which are strictly interclub composed of the above leagues, rotating between Crestwicke, BCC, Lakeside, and El Paso.  And of these three, two are 18-Hole events, and one is a 9-Hole event. 
The other two events are open to the public.  Any female (doesn't have to belong to the above seven clubs) over the age of 14 is eligible to participate.  These two events are the 2-Woman Best Position 36-Hole Tournament, and the City Medal Play.  These events rotate between Ironwood, Weibring at ISU, Highland, and Prairie Vista.

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